With 17 years experience as an industry leader with over 10 million customer contacts monitored


One center or multiple vendor locations; our Subject Matter Experts partner with you to administer your Quality Program

J.Lodge applies comprehensive processes to ensure both accurate and consistent contact evaluations, even in a  subjective environment

Through data analysis, our team provides actionable recommendations to decrease cost, gain customer retention, increase revenue and drive key performance indicators

Real-time reporting is available
through our exclusive online Quality Reporting database


Is your company required to meet certain industry or governmental compliance standards?


J.Lodge provides a systematic and independent examination of data, statements, records, operations and performances

Instant notification of compliance deficiencies through your preferred communication channel (email, text, phone) to your defined recipients (single contact or group)

Identify and take action on processes and behaviors that are out of compliance with J.Lodge compliance trending reports

Use your computer or mobile device to view
real-time production statistics


 Allow your employees to focus on creating a positive customer experience and leave the more repetitive/routine work to us


Outsource these and other tasks to
J.Lodge professionals

Choose to Outsource:

-Order Accuracy and Validation

-Loan Document Compiling

-Data Entry

-Employee On-Boarding

-Internet Investigations

Our employee model gives us the flexibility to hire for the specific skill sets required for your field

Our Mission

 Deliver world class quality assurance services by employing highly educated, professional experienced Americans
who have become disabled due to injury or illness.

Benefiting Your Business

Competitive industry leaders employing individuals with diverse professional background, matching your business model to provide the most ROI.

Our analysts deliver actionable feedback with an average of 3.7 yrs post-secondary education, 7 yrs business experience, and 47 yrs of age

Our Employees

We employee hundreds of talented Veterans and Americans with disabilities in over 30 states.


Unable to work in a typical office environment, our employees work at home in a secure office.