J.Lodge call monitoring is the most effective method for improving the level of customer service within your call center.

Through our phone, chat and email evaluations we analyze and identify opportunities in training and process improvement, while facilitating agent development.

Our team of analysts are able to provide accuracy & quality during the auditing process. We have the experience, the quality team and the proven method in helping you develop a quality monitoring program.

MyQuality, our specialized call center database, is so easy to use, it has become the industry standard. We know that every company’s culture and needs are different.

J.Lodge can customize MyQuality to fit your needs precisely so you can obtain reports to fulfill your requirements, identify opportunities, and measure results in an objective manner.

Any information you need is right at your fingertips, allowing you to track the progress of your teams or indivuals. All data is available in customizable formats to fit your needs.

We are the only company in the United States dedicated to fulfilling your need for highly educated call center agents through the employment of American Professionals who have become disabled due to illness or accident.

Our processes to recruit, hire, train and employ these Americans, who are most deserving of an opportunity to return to the workforce, is the key to developing this one of a kind virtual services company.

Our twelve year focus on the Science of Call Monitoring has resulted in a combination of talent and know how unmatched in the world.